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We are the continuation of what already is. The mediance is the relationship of a society to its environment and it makes us understand that we are not impassive objects of the world. We are in fact in constant interrelation with our environment, and we are constantly redefined by the same fact. For the Yoke Group, the creative spirit is to effect positive change while respecting the character of what already is.


We believe that the Yoke Group, as an agent of change, will make the difference in strengthening this connection between the individual and his environment, living being and his environment. Our vision therefore relies on the development of projects and partnerships that enhances this said connection and ensures its sustainability for generations to come.



Sustainability is an integral part of our DNA.


We follow a sustainable partnership strategy based on value, which respects people and the environment. A philosophy of collaboration is in our eyes the only approach consistent with our objectives and our values. 


We want to partner with companies that are starting up, developing, growing or changing. Our vision is none other than to combine our skills with those of our dedicated partners to develop ambitious and sustainable projects.


We support you in achieving your goals and in overcoming the short and long term challenges that are unavoidable in business, all while meeting our customers’ needs. We want to make our tools and knowledge available to help our partners plan their future and thus anticipate possible pitfalls.


To all this is added a part of fun and adventures, which motivate entrepreneurial talents and inspire others towards a sustainable approach that puts the future of people and the environment at the center of these concerns.

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